Discover the legend, explore the history, experience the hospitality. Jordan has it all. Delve into the wonders of historic Petra and visit the cave of the 7 sleepers and the site of the Battle of Muta mentioned in the Holy Qur’an. If that’s not enough take an excursion to the second holiest place in Islam and the jewel of the Middle East, Jerusalem, where the Dome of the Rock awaits you in all its splendour.


Amman (Karak,Petra,Wadi Rum) and Jerusalem

6 Days / 7 nights

Day 1: Meet and Assist at Queen Alia International Airport, transfer to hotel, dinner, and overnight.
Day 2: After Breakfast leave Amman at 7:00 AM to King Hussein Bridge (ALLENBY BRIDGE ), Transfer to Israeli side on the bridge ,full day tour in the old city of Jerusalem , visit , Alaqsa Mosque, The Dom of the Rock Mosque, dinner , overnight.
Day 3: After Breakfast , start the tour to Jabal Al- Zaytoun, to have a panoramic view over the city of Jerusalem,, then procced to visit Maqam Salman Al Farisi & Raba Al Adawiya, then proceede to Hebron , pray at the Ibrahimi Mosque , then proceede to Beithlehem , to visit Mosque of Omar , and the birth place of prophet Issa, return to hotel.
Day 4: After breakfast ,drive back to Allenby bridge to cross back to Jordan ,meet and assist on Jordanian border, then transfer to visit Maqamat of Sahabas in Jorddan valley(Maqam Abu Obaidah Amer ben Aljarrah( Ameen Al Ummah), Maqam Derar Ibn Alzwar, Hazrat Sohaib A.H.S. grave, then transfer to hotel, dinner overnight.
Day 5: Breakfast, visit cave of 7 Sleeper (Ashabe Al-kahf), mount Nebo (prophet Musa Mountain, Dead Sea, dinner and over night at hotel. Visit Kerak Castle, Battle of Mutaa, then to Petra arrival around sun set to observe the mountains of Petra covering the Yellow warm sun of Petra, dinner overnight.
Day 6: After breakfast, a full visit of Petra on a horseback ride through the Siq, then the treasury, this followed by a walk through the heart of this fascinating and most mystical Nabatean capital. Back to the coaches, the group will cross the desert highway to the famous Wadi Rum, which Lawrence of Arabia, immortalized earlier this century. Dinner under the stars with Arabic music. The group will spend the night in Wadi Rum and awaken to a buffet sunrise breakfast, then tour by Jeep for two hours away from civilization, then continue to Amman, Dinner Overnight.
Day 7: Breakfast, then transfer to Queen Alia International Airport for Departure.



If you wish to take part in saving for the next hajj trip. There is NO interest and NO added charge for taking part. For example, from now until Hajj (at the time of writing), there are 8 months remaining. If you are choosing our package, for these 8 months, you can make 8 consecutive deposits of £449 (once a month into our bank account, notifying us of when you have done so, we will keep a record of this (please keep all bank receipts!)). This would total in the £3599, with a bit of spare change left over! (That’s as little as £112/week, just over £16 /day) which could make saving for hajj a whole lot easier.

For many Hajj can be an expensive trip even if it is a once in a lifetime trip. This is why it is so important to plan well ahead financially. If you are careful with your finances and perhaps give up some material comforts, you can easily save enough money to cover all the costs involved in Hajj.

For example giving up cigarettes for a year, depending on how much you smoke can save you up to £1000 a year as well as your health, which is a gift from Allah. Other comforts including chocolate, newspapers or even holidays can be put aside for just one year of your life to be replaced by a once in a lifetime journey.

Islam prescribes that all financially and physically capable Muslims perform a pilgrimage to Makkah once in a lifetime. Besides commanding his/her companions to perform it, the Prophet (Salla Allahu Alayhi wa Sallam) advised them to prepare for it (including finances), and taught them the specific way in which each of the rituals involved was to be performed.

Muslims prepare for it as if they were leaving this world altogether. First, they have to pay off their debts including the zakat due on their wealth; to return whatever was given them in trust; and have enough savings to bear the expenses of the journey (such as travel, Hajj tax, and lodging) and the sacrifice (of an animal). Besides this, they also have to provide for their families and dependents during their absence. They must have earned and saved enough to cover these expenses. No Hajj is valid if it is performed “on credit.” Every Muslim must make Hajj a priority and plan to perform it as soon as possible at least once in a lifetime.

If a person plans to perform Hajj in 2 years, assuming Hajj costs today of £3599 per person, then the person needs to put aside and invest £4.90 per day or invest annually £1799, quarterly £449 or monthly £149.9. The intending pilgrim may consider investing little more than these amounts to cover rising costs or lower investment return. For a husband and wife, simply multiply these amounts by two.

As Muslims are strongly discouraged to incur debt, this approach of savings, investing and spending on future needs can also be used for other purposes such as saving for a car, college education, child’s marriage, and Umrah.

It is wise to begin saving early and as such we at Easy Hajj have set up a saving scheme on behalf of our customers. Through weekly, monthly or even quarterly installments by standing order or direct debit, pilgrims can build up their Hajj fund with Easy Hajj.

Your contract is with easyHajj Ltd. Below are details of your and our obligations under the agreement. Please read them carefully. When you make the booking and we accept it, a legal binding is made.

1. Payment of Deposit

When we receive your completed Booking Form accompanied by the full payment, we will send you our Confirmation Invoice. There will be no contract between us until the Confirmation invoice has been sent and it acts as our acceptance of the booking in accordance with the contract outlined in this fair Trading Agreement which is subject to English Law and Jurisdiction.

2. If We Change Your Booking

As you will appreciate, your pilgrimage arrangements are planned many months in advance and on rare occasions it may be necessary to make modifications to them and we reserve the right to make such changes at anytime. In the majority of cases such changes will be minor but if they are of a more substantial nature we will do our best to advise you prior to your departure.

3. Our Responsibility

You will appreciate that many people and companies over whom EasyHajj Ltd. have no control are involved in the planning and provision of your pilgrimage. EasyHajj Ltd. has taken all reasonable steps to ensure that the suppliers of services provided are of an acceptable standard.

4. Delays

We cannot accept any liability for any delay in your flight to or from the UK whether the cancellation or delay is caused by adverse weather conditions, rescheduling of times by the airline, the airport authorities and / or the action of air traffic controllers, mechanical breakdown, strike or action, industrial action or otherwise.

However, in certain circumstances you may be able to make a claim under your travel insurance policy.

* We do not offer any travel insurance but we recommended that you should consider taking travel insurance for your trip prior to your departure.

5. What You Must Know

When you receive your tickets, you must check them carefully and notify us immediately if you think any details are inaccurate. We are not liable to you for any problems which may arise if you do not advise us.
You must ensure that you have fully complied with any travel health requirements, such as vaccinations.
Although we provide religious guides, we stress you are responsible for the proper performance of your pilgrimage. You must ensure that you are fully aware of all the rituals of the pilgrimage and how to perform them.

6. Behavior

You must not behave in a way which causes distress, injury or annoyance to others or creates risk of danger or damage to property. If you do so, you may be evicted from your hotel or apartment and therefore we have no liability to you. We will not refund any portion of the cost of your pilgrimage.

7. Brochure Information

We have compiled the information in this brochure as accurately as possible. However, since we include so much detail and since the brochure is prepared up to 12 months in advance there may be occasions when an advertised facility may be altered or withdrawn for reasons outside our control during your own particular pilgrimage e.g. planned ziyarat may be changed; or room furniture and facilities may differ during the peak Hajj periods. It is important to bear in mind that your expectations of the pilgrimage must be reasonable and must be based on what we have said to you in this brochure. We do not accept any liability for any disappointment which you may feel as a result of unrealistic expectations.

All our accommodation in apartments and hotels are on shared basis – no individual rooms. The information relating to the hotels have been taken from the hotel brochures and have not been verified fully by EasyHajj Ltd. All hotel rooms have private bathrooms, the size of the rooms are usually smaller than those in Europe. The star rating is our own rating; it indicates the high standard of hotel offered by us.

8. If You Change Your Booking

If after your booking has been accepted you wish to transfer to a different pilgrimage within this brochure, change departure date or alter any detail on the booking form we shall do our utmost to satisfy your requirements. However, an alteration fee of £50 per person will be charged.

9. If You Cancel Your Pilgrimage

Should you or any member of your party be forced to cancel your booking once it has been accepted, a valid cancellation can only be made if you give written instructions direct to us. The instructions must be signed by the person who signed the booking form. If you cancel, a cancellation charge will apply; depending upon the number of days prior to departure EasyHajj Ltd. receives your notice of cancellation: The following table is the break down of the (Days Prior to Departure Date Written Advice of Cancellation Received) and (Amount You Must Pay)

More than 60 days


45 to 59 days

20% of total pilgrimage cost

30 to 44 days

30% of total pilgrimage cost

15 to 29 days

50% of total pilgrimage cost

7 to 14 days

80% of total pilgrimage cost

0 to 6 days

90% of total pilgrimage cost

10. If You Have a Problem

In the very unlikely event of there being something not to your liking whilst you are on the pilgrimage that is in our direct control you must report immediately. This will give your representative an opportunity to correct the matter so that it does not spoil your pilgrimage. Unless there is a valid reason why you fail to report your complaint to our representative then we will not consider ourselves to be liable in respect of complaints which were not registered in reports. Your pilgrimage enjoyment is our prime consideration.

11. No Surcharges

We guarantee there will be no surcharges added to the cost of your pilgrimage.

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