Starting the tawaf at some point other than the site of the Black Stone, while it is obligatory to begin tawaf from the Black Stone

Doing ones tawaf inside the Hijr of lsmail, which means going around a portion of the Kabah rather than the whole of it since the Hijr of Ismail is a part of the Kabah which would then be left out of tawaf. Such a tawaf is invalid.

Doing ramal (i.e., taking quick short steps) during all seven circuits while ramal is to be done only during the first three of the Tawaf of Arrival (tawaf al-qudum).

Struggling vehemently to kiss the Black Stone in this process and hitting or pushing people. Such acts, which are injurious to Muslims, are not permissible.

It should be noted that the tawaf remains perfectly valid without kissing the Black Stone. If one does not or cannot kiss the Black Stone. it is sufficient simply to point to it, saying Allahu akbar when one comes parallel to it, although one may be at a distance from it.

Wiping ones hand over the Black Stone, seeking blessings (barakah) thereby is an innovation (bida) with no basis in the Shariah of Islam. The sunnah is to touch it or kiss it only when it can be done easily.

Touching the four corners of Kabah or its walls, and wiping ones hands against them. The Prophet (peace be on him) did not touch any part of Kabah except the Black Stone and the Yemeni Corner.

Saying specific formulas of supplications reserved for each circuit. The Prophet (peace be on him) did not specify any supplications except to say Allahu akbar when he reached the Black Stone and, at the end of each circuit between the Yamani Corner and the Black Stone, he said:

Rabbana, atina fid-dunya hasanatan wa fil-akhirati hasana wa qina adhaban-nar.

(Our Lord, give us good in this world and good in the Hereafter and save us from the punishment of the Fire.)

Raising ones voice above the voices of others; whether in following or leading the tawaf as it causes confusion among the worshippers.

Struggling to pray at the Station of lbraheem. This is contrary to the sunnah, besides being injurious to other worshippers. it is sufficient to pray the two rakats of tawaf after completing ones tawaf anywhere within the Sacred Mosque.