Farewell Tawaf

On the day of their departure, some pilgrims go.to Makkah to perform their Farewell Tawaf before throwing the pebbles at the Pillars. Then they return to Mina to throw the pebbles, and depart from Mina for their respective countries. Thus their final rite becomes that of throwing the pebbles at the Pillars and not of the tawaf of Kabah. This is an error as the Prophet (peace be on him) said, “No one should depart without his last visit being to the House (Kabah)” Accordingly, the Farewell Tawaf must take place after one has completed all the rites of hajj (and before starling his journey for home). After this tawaf one should not stay in Makkah except during the time it takes to prepare to depart.

After finishing the Farewell Tawaf, some people walk backwards, facing the Kabah, as they exit from the Sacred Mosque, under the impression that this is a veneration of the Kabah. This act is an innovation (bida) in the religion and is without any basis.

After finishing the Farewell Tawaf, some pilgrims halt at the door of the Sacred Mosque to make supplications. This is also an innovation with no basis in the Shariah of Islam.